the original happy girl

Name: Denisedds

Age: 28

Dream Job: Drummer in a Rock Band

Current Job: Social Worker

Favorite Quote: “You light the world with lots of chatter, you laugh and make your feelings matter, you sometimes stay hidden in your bed, you sometimes need to be spoon fed, whatever life you choose to lead, a wife, a doctor, a lover, or chief, you needn’t try to be so good, your life gets crowded with all the shoulds, so let loose and let your wild side heal, all your parts can be revealed, happy girls come in all shapes and sizes, you don’t need any compromises, for if you think you are fat or thin, smart or sexy, or content with in whatever girl you choose to be, in my book you’re right by me, nothing can be wrong in this life song all happy girls do be long.” – the original happy girl by Rokoko

Overview: After graduating in 2011 she obtained a Mater’s degree in social work while still continuing to work at DSW (retail store specializing in shoes) as she had previously through her college years. Denise got her License in March of 2012. From there she continued to work at the store and landed her first professional gig for a not-for-profit agency (outpatient mental health). However it was only 2 nights and 10 hours a week.  “I really wanted to work with kids so I took it,” she sites as her reason, though she quickly progressed to where she currently is today, a  full time position she started September, 2013, focusing intently on her clients and always striving to do better.

Future Ambitions: One day opening her own practice (while possibly doing  a part-time position from an agency). Family, and a nice house, with a porch of course.

Hope for the Generation: We become successful and progressed and break stereotypes that other Generations have created about us… and I hope that our generation continues to become open minded, positive, more tolerant, less violent.

Promoting: The Universe!

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