Created by Louis Falcinelli as a way in which his generation could have a forum.

Bottle Rot, in its technical term (also known as) early childhood caries, is a tooth decay affecting children, whose over-consumption of sugary liquids from their parents leads to tooth decay over time. Often as a result of the parent using the sugar to pacify the child’s cry, because it serves as an easy source of neglect, in not having to deal with the child.

The term now redefined:

IDEA is to have a free-flowing discussion amongst our generation.
CONCEPT is Bottlerot used to define our generation.
GENERATION is OURS as bottle rotters to incorporate all that we are and all that we know, to help ourselves as well as each other.
the PARENTS representing our parents’ generation.
the BABY representing US (bottle rotters) crying out.
the SUGARY LIQUID representing society rotting out our teeth.

What Bottlerot does is allow you a voice to help yourself as well others going through things such as affording an education, relationships, finding a job, buying a home, and possibly one day starting a family. Whether you’re dealing with something similar or completely different to your own situation, it gives you a new perspective and an opportunity to not only be helped, but help, all while having fun in the process, of course!
bottle rotter (n) is any person(s) conceived from baby boomers or superseding Gen X. 2. One who constantly rots with bottle in mouth due to circumstance and or personal preference.