According to our latest sources, our millennial scribe, Louis Falcinelli, and his spec script, GRANDMA’S DEAD, described as a dark comedy that mixes fairy tale with frenzy, is all the talk of TINSEL TOWN. The script has been rumored to be making the rounds with several MAJOR STUDIOS vying for an opportunity to purchase, as well as garnering considerable praise on The Balck List…

stating…”This dark comedy is a great, modern twist on fairytales (Hansel/Gretel, Rapunzel, etc). The writer has crafted a tone that is a great nod to its fairy tale roots, while still being modern and clear. The premise is fun and watching the twins go down a murderous slippery slope is comedic and entertaining. The writer does a great job of starting us off with our inciting incident and propelling us into the story with the twin’s prepping to ask to become emancipated.”

Also noting, “Its nod to fairy tales and high-concept nature would make it easily marketable. Additionally, because of its exceptional use of a contained environment, this feature would be easily produced and cheap to make. Ultimately, this feature is extremely commercial and, should it reach its full potential, would be a sound choice for a studio.”

Louis himself already has two novels slated to be released this summer and is in talks to turn both into feaGIture films.

More news to come next time… until then, stay safe and always leave room for millennials. :)

Louis Falcinelli is repped by ENZALLA ENTERTAINMENT

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