fairly unfair wage

By: Louis Falcinelli

“Would you like fries with that?”

a phrase uttered time and again from the supposedly deemed underclassman, underachiever, slacker, struggler, or youth, working at a part time and or half fasted, dead end job, is now becoming a reality for the bottle rotter fully formed with a degree, skill set, or opportunist, looking to better themselves.

Younger workers who enter the workforce in lower wage jobs will have a hard time catching up later in their careers (cites New York Federal Reserve, taking into account over 200 million pieces of earnings data from 1978 to 2010.)


Some 58% of the jobs created during the recent economic recovery have been standard lower wage positions, like retail and food prep workers, (according to a 2012 report by the National Employment Law Project.) These low-wage jobs had a median hourly wage of $13.83 or less.

The rate of barely $14.00 or, more often than not substantially lower, make it a virtual impossibility to have any substantial independence, makingĀ millennials/bottle rottersĀ stagnant in the advancement of their professional development, in trying to obtain a more decent position.

The jobs that were promised, hoped for, or needed, aren’t there right now, the ones that are there remain a grind to get into upper mobility within the social structure of all good “key holders” who are really weighing down bottle rotters, refusing to leave their coveted positions, due to a still recovering economy (they helped to put in the crapper), leaving that degree student, that educated opportunist, that hopeful one, waiting, as the John Mayer song says so brilliantly “…waiting on the world to change.”

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  1. Doreen Alvarez

    Interesting thoughts. In February Mike Rowe wrote about this subject. He mentions that some jobs are not intended to be careers, and that there are careers out there. They require a specific skill set, like the example he uses of a contractor who would pay $40 an hour for a good welder if could find one. Check out Mike’s foundation MikeRoweWorks. He’s got scholarships to help connect people with jobs. Here’s the website. The name sounds like something you would approve of!

  2. Rob

    I agree that the minimum wage is a problem, and is inappropriate for the reality we actually have to engage with (And pay for). In NY it particular it’s quite low, it’s strange to think I make a few bucks more an hour than the minimum here but it’s still almost half of what the minimum is elsewhere


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