CREDIT… where it’s definitely due?

 How bottle rotters live smart and get penalized for it

By: Louis Falcinelli


In another example of how a stand has been taken amongst the younger generation.  At 63 percent, bottle rotters (ages 18 to 29) don’t have a credit card. (According to a survey commissioned by Bankrate and compiled by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.)

Bottle Rotters, 19 to 29 have around 1.5 credit cards on average, fewer than the 2 cards of Generation X borrowers (ages 30 to 46) and 2.7 cards of Baby Boomers (ages 47 to 65), (according to data provided by Experian, a credit reporting firm.) In addition, only 35 percent of adults 30 and above currently don’t have credit cards either… showing this trend being carried over to all those that precede the rotters.

On a conscious effort to be wary of the ways of their over indigent parents’ generation (baby boomers), with an economy they were in witness to exploding into their very wittle baby eyes, bottle rotters, now grown as young adults, are immune to the economic devastation done, and with financial debris scattered about for over a decade, they have made a valid action in restraint from the good ‘ol plastic. You think this would be commended, but instead, furthest thing from.

Through all this credit card withholding, or hardly using, has served to hurt their overall credit score by not giving into what they do not have an abundance of, (money). Leaving them with low credit, no credit, or unobtainable to posses one, simply because they didn’t want the “debt till death” tradition, honored since time immemorial, only now, seeing it as preventable by staying away from the card that loves to loan, that of which they do not want. However difficult the struggle, many currently remain committed to stay away from the hassles it incurs, interest rates, overdrawn fees, penalties, etc. adding to their already current disposition.

In a society where MORE is NOT LESS, because when you spend money you don’t have, it serves to advance lenders in thriving on your increased rates, principle balance, and any other additional, fine print charges you owe, all adding to suite the credit card companies, instead of your own interest (all pun intended).


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