MISMATCHED OR perfectly suited?


By: Louis Falcinelli

Dating for a bottle rotter isn’t always perfect, then again is any relationship? However, the saying “how it’s done today isn’t how it was done back in the day,” still yields true, but it does have a twist for the way we communicate within the technology we are exposed to; cell phones, dating aps, texting, among many other ways to facilitate a relationship, but is this a way to express oneself in terms of how you feel, and who you really are…

Variable of options to take into consideration:

  • Online Dating, making it much more accessible to meet people from all over the country.
  • Dating Online, almost the reverse of online dating, you’re not on a dating site but you’re on a social media website, enabling you to facilitate a relationship of your choice. Send them a request, write a private message, like a comment, leave a sentimental “private message” in hopes it will lay the groundwork for a relationship. Many do find this a rarity nowadays, with the rise in social media visibility, keeping it more relative to who you know.
  • Dating Apps, usually focused on the immediacy of meeting someone, with the start of a site like Hot or Not to the immediate rise of tinder.

LOVE which we know takes time to build a foundation on, may appear too accessible today, but it’s no wonder with rotters having it all at their fingertips, just a click of a button, a scroll of a mouse, a tap on a keypad, and they are instantly transported into the dating stratosphere, where the possibility of “LOVE” sold, seems more like it’s traded as a commodity with ad space right next to the picture of the one you wish to court, or a swipe which deems one individual from another worthy or unworthy based entirely off of physical attraction.


Have our hearts been fooled? Do we accept this as the new standard in how we love, how we court, and what a substantial relationship is built upon, or does it serve as just taking up time, filling up space, eliminating the void that remains to be there but hidden in the digital era of the dating pool… 

Has this new dating styled cause less style, tact, or basic class and replaced it with a lack of etiquette that does speak to this day in age for having little to no idea about courtship, being that their already conditioned to removal brought upon from that distance online, controlling the conversation from a text, email, messenger, or another digital replacement for genuine affection. I mean, does an emoticon really do it when it comes to romance…

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