By: Louis Falcinelli

You’ve heard the term, but what does it mean…

I was at a party and I made reference to this guy, around my age, late twenties,  who I had heard of from his “crazy antics” on the web. I brought this up to my cousin *whose always hip* and she identified him immediately.  “Oh ya, “he’s “internet famous,” she said without missing a beat.

“But what the f*ck is that?” I wondered.

“It’s like, you know, being known through the net. ”

Wow, I thought. I hadn’t heard the term. Of course, I knew of all those infamous viral videos of animals and people on youtube and whatnot, but an actual person having a label for it… when I searched my mind, I thought, yea, well this is definitely true.. but I needed to know more…

After doing some in-depth research (round 3 minutes) sure enough I had found it! On good ‘ol urban dictionary, which never disappoints:

“internet famous”

After some more digging around (1 extra minute this time) I found a list of names (that you may or may not have heard of), but thought they were worth sharing, being that they seem to fit the mold:

internet famous people

Enjoy! I know I did, well… sorta.

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