What does your selfie say about you…

By: Louis Falcinelli

Selfie, a word recently admitted into the actual dictionary, (aka. the book of real words and stuff). The word is now as acceptable as a rachet hoe on a hot, sticky, sweaty summer’s day. But with everyone in selfie mode, how do you usually perceive your own? According to a 2013 British survey, 36 percent of bottle rotters (18-24) admitted they change their selfies before posting. Most of them retouch skin color (39 percent) or eye color (24 percent). 44 percent of those who edited their image said after changing one photo, they then edited every or most of the selfies they posted. I think anyone can relate to going filter mad when editing options are essentially endless.

MIRROR IMAGE, selfie devotees being used to seeing themselves in the mirror, might find it jarring that a 1977 study found that people preferred their mirror image to their real image. Imagine that? As in… not the mirror reflecting your own image into the lens which in turn captures you as well, so it’s not YOU YOU YOU from all avenues. Cites search engine journal, Selfie was officially added to in August 2013. Rundown of facts:

  • The first time that Selfie was used was in 2004 on Flickr.
  • The word selfie in the English language has skyrocketed in use. It has increased by 17,000% since 2012.
  • Google searches indicates selfie began increasingly popular in late 2012

Selfies in today’s culture take on all different forms:

Group Selfie

Animal Seflie

Bathroom Selfie

Gym Selfie

But who are we to actually hold that camera phone up to our face to illuminate, attract, or frame in our direction? Are we content, insecure, or merely dealing with a culture that teaches, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME and nothing else matters. Well, one things for certain, when you’re bold enough to take your selfie, do it right this time, not too much, too soft, self style, which is just right.

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